Writing A Card, 2: Over-enthusiastic

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Hiya! This is the second in the series of posts on clever ideas for writing cards. In this episode, we’ll get uncomfortably excited about the event/person. A bit like when you meet someone who just won’t break eye contact with you, and stands a bit too close. They may be blowing a spit-bubble from one side of their mouth, and will be no stranger to restraining orders.

Try littering the lines with exclamation marks and smiley faces, for an authentic nut-job feel.
Here we go …

The Socially Inept

I really hope you have a super amazing time today!!
Thank you so much for inviting me!

I’m ever so sorry I can’t make it, but my therapist says I’m not yet ready to mingle outside the group.
But I know exactly where you live so I can come round and see you any time in about 2 weeks!!
We can have a special celebration!
Just the two of us 🙂

Won’t that be the most awesome thing?

I just want you to know what a really great person you are!

Bestest ever wishes!

Oh, and you still owe me a tenner.
But we can come to some arrangement 🙂