I’m Simon. I grew up in a little town called Jarrow in the northeast of England.

I used to love the Beano. It made me want to draw comics. I’d practice making stories up, I can’t remember what happened to those stories.

I started doodling at school and would draw caricatures of my schoolfriends. They seemed to love it and I started making books of the drawings to sell at 20p each. My schoolmates were dead chuffed if they got an entry in the book.

I continued to doodle at Art College, and when I moved to London, I had a dream of creating a range of greetings cards. I’d make funny custom cards for friends and colleagues. Eventually, during the pandemic, when there weren’t so many things to do, I finally sat down and started building up some designs and set up my website.

Now, you have the pleasure of viewing an edited version of the contents of my mind.

There are greetings cards for every occasion, and you can have them delivered quickly (and free in the UK), with a personalised message. There are plenty more designs in the pipeline, so come back for another visit, soon. Stalk me on social media (check the links below) for updates and ideas.

Little Gallery cards are made in the UK and printed on sustainably-sourced paper.
Beware: some cards are only suitable for those with a sense of humour!

Right, if you’ve had enough chat, visit the shop!