A Poem For All Christmases

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Santa comes but once a year
He does! I tell no lies
He creeps about with gifts at night,
and steals your booze and pies

From north to south, and east to west,
he visits every child
In cities, towns and villages,
and in the countryside

I heard that Santa, he’s not real
They told me so, at school”

Don’t listen to those boys and girls,
it’s them who have been fooled

“How can Santa, just one man,
traverse across the globe,
to see us all on Chrsitmas Eve?
He must be one fast bloke!”

It’s not just Santa who’s hard at work –
he has a great big team,
who all chip in to bring your gifts,
at night time, while you dream

You may have heard about his elves –
they’re Santa’s Little Helpers
Without them, Santa couldn’t cope
He’d probably go mental

If you think you’ve seen an elf,
well, that might just be true
They hide among us, in disguise
They could be me …
or you!

They spread the magic of Santa Claus,
when he cannot be there,
to show you Santa always knows,
to show you that he cares

It’s all these very helpful elves,
that mean Santa Claus can visit
Many scales, a dragon make
Many elves make Christmas Spirit

As long as there’s just one of us,
who still believes it’s true,
Santa’s magic will find your home …
he’ll come and visit you